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If you're interested in a specialist toothpaste for sensitive teeth, check out our Lacalut products available in the UK! Products from this manufacturer will ensure your teeth are highly resistant to decay and you can use them for your daily oral hygiene. You have a variety of options available to you, whose fluoride content is optimal for protecting plaque from bacteria. They are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that have a very good effect on the condition of your teeth and gums and guarantee a feeling of freshness after brushing.

Lacalut Toothpaste contains a combination of ingredients such as aluminium lactate, chlorhexidine, allantoin, bisabolol (the active ingredient in chamomile) and fluoride. The paste is paraben-free and can be used by people with diabetes and pregnant women.

Lacalut Toothpaste in UK

Presenting the Lacalut Toothpaste product range, which has been created with sensitive users in mind. The brand's toothpaste prevents bleeding gums and significantly speeds up the healing process of oral wounds. When used daily, it also reduces the build-up of plaque, making it a great help in the prevention of tooth decay. At the same time, it refreshes the mouth and breath, so you are sure to be satisfied!

In addition, the toothpaste is also recommended for regular oral and dental hygiene for people who struggle with symptoms of periodontal disease, including periodontitis.

Directions for use:

It is recommended to brush the teeth for 3 minutes, at least twice a day (morning and evening), especially after meals. For children under 6 years of age, use a small amount of paste (pea-sized) under adult supervision.

Our online shop offers you a selection of the best toothpastes from the Lacalut catalogue, which we deliver in the UK. Place your order on the website and ensure optimal protection for your teeth!