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Our product range could not be complete without top-quality cosmetics for the care of the skin of the head as well as normal and damaged hair. Above all, we have ensured assortment diversity. Our range includes not only Jantar conditioner, developed for the most demanding customers, but also many other products such as shampoos and oils.

The unique ingredients, which certainly include amber extract and gold particles, stop hair loss, improve the condition of the head skin and eliminate any irritation. Last but not least, these products are available in different variants - particularly when it comes to the method of application.

We are well aware that for some consumers, a so-called 'conditioner with extract' would be the optimal solution, while for others, a classic shampoo would be ideal. Regardless of your specific requirements, we are able to provide a wide range of products and a high standard of service every time. So, if you are looking for Jantar brand conditioners and live in the UK, the range developed by our top specialists is sure to satisfy everyone.

How does Jantar conditioner work?

What specifically sets Jantar conditioner apart from competing products? It inhibits hair loss, nourishes hair and stimulates hair growth. The ingredients are essential for the physiological processes of the skin and its regeneration. When used systematically, it improves the metabolism and oxygenation of the hair follicles. It also soothes irritations. Our offer is addressed to UK residents. Please feel free to contact us and place your order. We guarantee attractive prices!