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The various types of Regenerum cosmetic preparations available to buy through our UK shop help to look after the skin, making it softer, softer and smoother. They are available in the form of scrubs, sprays, ointments, serums and polishes, among others. They can be used on various parts of the body, including the feet with specialised products for calluses and corns. All of them, in addition to nourishing, also leave a protective layer, protecting against the negative effects of the weather, among other things. We have many such cosmetics - find out about them all!

Comprehensive action of Regenerum cosmetics

Regenerum products owe their effects to a large number of nutrients. Urea smoothes and softens the epidermis, thus facilitating its exfoliation. It also increases the permeability of the stratum corneum, allowing more vitamins to be absorbed. These come from the A, E and F groups and are mainly responsible for the regenerative properties. In addition to rebuilding damaged epidermis, they also contribute to protecting it from further damage and cracking.

Check out the brand's full range of cosmetics, which you can order with UK delivery through our Beautiful Cosmetics shop.